WHO says, lack of global leadership is ‘greatest threat’ in fighting Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus case rising in such a rapid pace, all the major advanced and developed countries are failing to tackle the situation. With top 5 countries in COVID-19 cases are USA, Brazil, Russia, India and UK.

This pandemic is become a new challenge to the world medical system, where still not clear how its arise and what are the correct symptom to analyse this infection. Many countries are testing COVID-19 patient and still clueless, what may the perfect remedies to control this cases which is now a great threat to the world.

From Wuhan, China to all the world, every nations suffer badly in its economy. The worst is still remaining, and not even single leader of the world to lead the remedy process as per WHO.

The world right now realizing, that they are still in utmost weak in medical section beside having great economy and military power. Many countries are not implementing with proper COVID-19 medical kit, in order to control situation, rather they become victims for the same. Seriousness of this pandemic are not yet taken by any of the nation around the world, where seems money is more important than health.

In this 2020, COVID-19 pandemic, stay alive is the major concern and big goal. Hence, stay home, stay safe. Government of all the nations duty is to provide food services to its citizens, in order to maintain calm situation.