USA lost in Covid-19

USA lost in Covid-19

California records ‘alarming’ rise in cases

California has marked a record jump in new COVID-19 infections. A Reuters tally shows as Los Angeles reports an “alarming” rise that puts it over 100,000 cases.

Los Angeles and neighboring states have become a new epicenter. In the pandemic as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations surge. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s strict orders requiring bars to close and residents to wear masks in nearly all public spaces.

“The alarming increases in cases, positivity rates and hospitalisations signals. That we, as a community, need to take immediate action. To slow the spread of COVID-19,” Barbara Ferrer, director of public health for Los Angeles County said.

With total of 26,94,298 Covid-19 cases in USA. It’s still reigning top of the world chart. With massive spread among the nation. USA has witness 1,29,010 death during this year 2020. Which will be a deadliest year for US and the world.

Who is responsible for this pandemic. A irresponsible nation like China’s delayed in report of Coronavirus to the world. Which has shook the world with deadliest pandemic of 21st century which no one has taste the bitter side affect.

Around the world, people are praying for USA, to recover fast from this pandemic. Its has create the havoc around the world business system. The top five nations are USA, Brazil, Russia, India and UK.