India 3rd worst hit in COVID-19 cases

India 3rd worst hit in COVID-19 cases

India become 3rd worst hit Covid-19 cases in the world

India 3rd worst hit in COVID-19 case. As the world eagerly awaiting either COVID-19 vaccine or 2021. The beginning of the year hits hard to many livelihood almost all the nations because of the deadly pandemic.

India currently with 7,34,763 COVID-19 cases. Beside early lockdown, its hits the 3rd worst due to lack of implementation in ground work. Government of India need to thoroughly recheck and analyse the cause of rise in COVID-19 case. The current death rate due to COVID-19 as on today is 20,201. Beside 3rd worst hits, India’s recover rate is still good as compare to other.

In this worst pandemic of 21st century. All individual and government need to work on self discipline to follow the protocol. The nations need to prepare well for the coming worst. And need to take utmost responsibilities to control this worst pandemic. World Health Organization, fails to analyse its cause and spread. WHO must come with solution to stop further spreading of COVID-19 around the world.

Its utmost necessary to completely stop all kinds of travel and gathering. All government body need to work very cautiously. And without affecting themselves is a challenge. The biggest challenge of today is income source. Many people does not abide with basic facilities. Government has announce relief package to poor. But what about middle class families? From past 3 month they are running out of money. Hence, force to go out for the sake of livelihood.

Due to pandemic, its not only affecting poor and rich. Its affect every individual. Government must announce general package to all, without any caste or economic background. India still need to go far to fight against COVID-19. People need to understand their health safety With government package and self reliance need balancing control.