Air India Skid Kozhikode Airport

Air India Skid Kozhikode Airport

Dubai bound Air India Express Skid off Kozhikode Airport

KOCHI: Air India Flight Skid Off runway at Kozhikode Airport. The flight from Dubai (UAE) to Kozhikode (India) has crash landed after overshoot the runway, which witness heavy rainfall.

The purpose of the image is to show Air India Flight Skid Off runway at Kozhikode Airport status which was crash landing
Air India Express Flight Skid Off Runway in Kozhikode

First images from the site showed the Air India Express broken in two pieces. With debris strewn over skid off runway at Kozhikode airport. According to sources, the flight had over 191 passengers onboard. Eighteen people killed including both pilot and sixteen severely injured. “They have rushed to the hospital,” an officer in Kozhikode airport informed.

According to the officer, the incident happened around 7:40 pm local time. Currently, Kerala including Kozhikode is witnessing heavy rainfall.

Experts says, due to its table top airport, its very dangerous for aircraft to stall in limited size of runway. Especially during heavy rainfall. Same incident of Air India Express flight happened at Mangalore airport on 22nd May 2010 due to table top airport. Where 158 passenger including 6 crew member were killed only eight survived.

Alternate Safety Measure Avoided

DGCA has issued notice to alarmed Kozhikode airport over critical safety lapse. There are many theories which can be avoid the fatalities of 7th August 2020 Dubai bound Air India Express. Airport authority must have avoided clearance to landing after 1st attempt failed due to low visibility on heavy downpour. For the safety of passenger, can shift the landing to nearby airport due to lack of visibility and heavy downpour.

In India there are 5 table top airport. These airports are Mangalore in Karnataka, Kozhikode in Kerala, Lengpui in Mizoram, Kullu in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and Pakyong in Sikkim. As per experts, this airports deserved only expert pilots with clear atmosphere and clear visibility. DGCA must check the safety measure and must stop table top airport operation where hazard persist.

The purpose of the image is safety of every flyer passenger.
Safety is the right of every flyer

Every flyer or air passengers has the right to there safety. Where safety is compromise. No airlines and airport should take chance to spoil their own brand for the sake of money. All flyer are important to there family, they pays for safe travel.